Xantrex | Lithium-Ion Battery | 883-0240-12 | 12V | 240Ah

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The Xantrex 883-0240-12 12V 105Ah Lithium-Ion Battery is a reliable and powerful energy storage solution. Equipped with redundant safety features, the Xantrex Lithium-Ion battery is the safest in the market today. It features:

  • Internal BMS - Reduces Footprint
  • Cell Balancing - Extends Lifetime Of Battery
  • LED's To Monitor State Of Charge
  • Remote Panel - View Status Of Battery, Turn Battery On And Off
  • Bluetooth - Connect To The Xantrex Mobile App To View Status Of Battery
  • Parallel Stack Up To 4 Batteries
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty
  • Lasts up to 6,000 cycles

Product Overview

he Xantrex Lithium-Ion Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
is suitable for many applications. Equipped with redundant safety
features, the Xantrex Lithium-Ion battery is the safest in the market
today. Specifically designed to withstand the harsh operating
environments of mobile and marine applications, the Xantrex Lithium-Ion
battery lasts up to 6,000 cycles compared to a traditional lead acid or
AGM battery, which typically lasts 400-500 cycles. The Xantrex
Lithium-Ion battery offers exceptional power density and is also
available with a heating blanket option if installation is outside the
main cabin.

  • Battery Type: Marine Deep Cycle
  • Electrolyte Style: Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate
  • Voltage: 12 Volt
  • Terminal Location: Side
  • Universality: Fully Universal
  • Length (IN): 19.7 Inch
  • Width (IN): 7.1 Inch
  • Height (IN): 10.3 Inch

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