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Introducing the Winegard RV Antenna AR2-5G1, the cutting-edge Air 360+ 5G Multi-Directional antenna system designed specifically for RVs. With its innovative technology, it's the first OTA antenna to offer both WiFi and 5G connectivity, ensuring you stay connected on the road like never before. Here are the key features:
  • Revolutionary Design: Experience powerful omnidirectional coverage for over-the-air signals, enhancing your RV's connectivity.
  • Advanced Filtering: Equipped with 4G filter technology to minimize interference and optimize signal quality.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with the Winegard Gateway 4G (GW-1000) and Gateway 5G (GW-5G01), providing versatility and ease of use.
  • Future-Proof Connectivity: Prepare for the future with 5G compatibility, requiring the Winegard Gateway 5G (GW-5G01) for optimal performance (sold separately).
  • Enhanced RV Experience: Enjoy uninterrupted streaming, browsing, and communication on your travels with reliable and fast internet access.

Product Overview

Features of Air 360+ 5G Antenna:

  • Maximum 360 Reception: Equipped with omni-directional Air 360+ technology featuring 4G filter, ensuring optimal signal reception without unwanted interference. Capable of capturing TV signals up to 55 miles away effortlessly, without requiring precise antenna aiming. Prepared for ATSC 3.0 to support 4K Ultra HD.
  • Seamless Integration: Gateway 5G offers over 30 times the speed of 4G LTE. Compatibility with existing Gateway 4G units ensures a smooth transition, providing reliable connectivity for all devices whether operating on 4G or transitioning to 5G networks.
  • Enhanced Capacity and Efficiency: Enhanced capacity allows more devices to operate efficiently, supported by superior backhaul capabilities. Advanced antenna beam steering facilitates improved connectivity while on the move.
  • Low Latency: 5G networks boast significantly reduced latency, with data transmission round-trip time of less than five milliseconds. Compared to 3G (100 milliseconds) and 4G (around 30 milliseconds), 5G latency drops as low as 1 millisecond.
  • StarLink Capable: Interchangeable LAN/WAN connection facilitates compatibility with StarLink or other satellite internet antennas as alternative backhaul options, particularly beneficial in remote areas. (GW-5G01 Required)
  • Supports Multiple Carriers: Offers flexible data plan choices including Winegard FreedomGO no-contract 30-day plans, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

In the Box:

  • Air 360+ 5G Domed Antenna
  • 20' Coax Cable
  • 12V Power Supply
  • 12V Rocker Switch
  • Cable Access Cap
  • Printed Documentation

Package Dimensions and Weights:

  • Weight: 6.90 LBS
  • Height: 9.00 Inches
  • Width: 19.00 Inches
  • Depth: 19.25 Inches

Tech Specs:

  • Antenna Directivity: Omnidirectional, capable of receiving signals from multiple directions simultaneously.
  • Reception Types: FM, VHF & UHF.
  • Add-On 5G & WiFi: Facilitates enabling 5G WiFi antennas with Gateway 5G WiFi router.
  • Reception Descriptions:
  • Compatible Networks: HDTV Towers, Winegard FreedomGO, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
  • Complimentary: Telephone and email support.
  • Online: Technical manuals and instructions.
  • Support: Extensive Dealer Support Network.

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