Progress MFG | ZIP Breakaway Cable and Switch | 80-00-2060 | 6'

Progress MFG
SKU: 80-00-2060 UPC: 856301002027
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Upgrade your RV safety with the Progress MFG ZIP Breakaway Cable and Switch (80-00-2060 | 6'). Say goodbye to dragging, frayed, and rusty breakaway cables and switch to the Fastway® Zip™ for a hassle-free towing experience.

  • Complete Safety System: The Zip Cable and Switch provide a full breakaway safety system replacement, including a switch box with a coiled cable.
  • Eliminate Cable Fray: The Fastway® ZIP™ is the best solution for replacing damaged or frayed cables, ensuring safety and preventing sharp wire injuries to your fingers.
  • Secure Towing: Keep your cable off the ground and out of harm’s way during towing, ensuring a safer and more reliable connection from your tow vehicle to your trailer.
  • Convenient Storage: When not in use, the cable easily clips to itself, staying neatly out of the way instead of dangling in front of the trailer.
  • Choose Your Length: Tailor the cable length to your setup – opt for the 4' ZIP Breakaway Cable for distances less than 3', or go for the recommended 6' ZIP Breakaway Cable for longer distances.
  • DOT-Compliant: Rest easy knowing that the ZIP meets or exceeds all Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for enhanced safety on the road.

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