GE Appliances | Profile RV Air Conditioner | PLH13XHHB | 13,500 BTU | Heat Pump | High Efficiency | Low Profile | Black

GE Appliances
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The GE Appliances Profile RV Air Conditioner PLH13XHHB is the perfect choice for your RV. With 13,500 BTU of cooling power and a heat pump, this low profile high efficiency air conditioner is sure to keep you comfortable. Features include:

  • Heat Pump Operation: Operates as low as 25°F, clearing ice buildup with Auto Defrost and providing supplement heating with reverse cycle defrost algorithm.
  • Heat Pump + Furnace: Extends propane usage by 19-38% at 35°F outdoor temperatures. In heat pump mode, the RV's A/C works in reverse, utilizing heat from the outside to supplement the furnace.
  • Multiple Heating Modes: Choose from 3 modes - Heat pump only, Heat pump + furnace, furnace only - for flexible and customizable comfort settings.
  • Auto Changeover Heat Pump: Automatically engages auxiliary heating sources when outdoor temperatures drop below 25°F, ensuring optimal comfort.
  • High Efficiency RVAC: Large heat exchangers and high-efficiency compressors allow for up to 3 AC units on a 50amp-equipped RV. Also supports additional electronic equipment without overloading circuits.
  • Dual Heating Mode: Continuous operation with heat pump plus furnace mode for versatile heating options.

Product Overview

The GE Appliances Profile RV Air Conditioner PLH13XHHB is the perfect choice for your recreational vehicle. This 13,500 BTU air conditioner features a low profile design and a black finish that will blend in with any RV exterior. The heat pump technology ensures efficient cooling and heating. With its high efficiency performance and sleek design, the GE Appliances Profile RV Air Conditioner PLH13XHHB is the perfect choice for your RV. Enjoy the convenience of a powerful air conditioner that won't take up too much space. Get the GE Appliances Profile RV Air Conditioner PLH13XAHB and enjoy efficient cooling and heating in your RV.

Additional Instructions:

Instructions for purchasing all required parts:

  1. Select your preferred ceiling assembly (required to complete installation)
  2. Choose your wall thermostat and control box (if applicable)

GE Appliances Ceiling Assembly for Non-Ducted Installations with Wall Thermostat

GE Appliances Ceiling Assembly for Ducted Installations

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