Furrion | On-Demand Tankless RV Water Heater | 2021132340 | 2.4GPM | with Antifreeze Protection | FWH09A-1-A

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Experience the convenience of continuous hot water with the Furrion On-Demand Tankless RV Water Heater. Featuring a 2.4 gallons per minute flow rate and 60,000 BTU heat output, this water heater ensures a steady and reliable hot water supply for your RV. The Vortex technology maintains consistent temperatures by reducing cold spots and scalding, while antifreeze protection keeps the system functional even in cold weather.

  • Continuous Hot Water: Delivers 2.4 gallons of hot water per minute, ideal for meeting the needs of a busy RV family
  • Consistent Temperature: Vortex technology ensures even water temperature, preventing cold spots and scalding
  • Antifreeze Protection: Safeguards the water heater from freezing in cold weather conditions
  • Sleek Wall Thermostat: Easy-to-use thermostat with LED display for setting and viewing water temperature
  • High Heat Output: 60,000 BTU heat capacity provides a home-like hot water experience in your RV
  • Advanced Safety Features: Includes pressure relief valve, over-temperature protection, blower block protection, and automatic shut off
  • Shock Resistance: Equipped with Furrion Vibrationsmart™ technology to withstand travel vibrations
  • Easy Retrofit: Designed to replace existing water heaters of various sizes seamlessly
  • Model numbers 2021132340 | FWH09A-1-A | FWH09A-AM | 2021123985 correspond to the same product.
  • Access Door Sold Separately

Product Overview

Experience continuous hot water in your RV with the Furrion On-Demand Tankless RV Water Heater (Model: FWH09A-1-A). With an output capacity of 2.4 gallons per minute and a powerful 60,000 BTU heat output, this propane gas-powered unit ensures a steady supply of hot water, perfect for busy families on the go. Vortex technology maintains consistent temperatures by mixing water before it reaches the tap, preventing cold spots and scalding. The antifreeze protection feature ensures reliable performance even in freezing conditions. The sleek wall thermostat with an LED display and touch buttons makes it easy to set your desired water temperature and monitor the system's status. Safety is paramount, with features like auto shut-off, a pressure relief valve, over-temperature protection, and blower block protection. Furrion's Vibrationsmart™ technology ensures durability against travel-induced shock and vibration. Designed for easy retrofitting, the Furrion tankless water heater can replace various sizes of existing water heaters, making it a convenient upgrade. Enjoy instant, consistent hot water in your RV with this advanced and reliable tankless water heater from Furrion.

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