Fogatti | RV Tankless Water Heater | INSTASHOWER6 | 42,000 BTU

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Introducing the Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater, INSTASHOWER6, delivering continuous hot water with a robust 42,000 BTU output and 2.2 GPM capacity. Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Powerful Performance: Generates hot water on demand, ensuring a steady supply for your RV adventures.
  • Unmatched Compatibility: Seamlessly fits various applications, replacing traditional tank heaters with ease.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Includes forced exhaust fan and automatic gas shut-off for peace of mind.
  • Instant Gratification: Say goodbye to waiting for hot water with instantaneous heating technology.
  • Convenient Control: Digital control panel for easy temperature adjustments and operation.
  • Intelligent Design: Equipped with a microcomputer control system for precise temperature management and enhanced safety.
  • Comes with a Digital Control Panel
  • Door kits must be purchase seperatly

Product Overview

The Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater delivers continuous hot water with a powerful 42,000 BTU output and 2.2 GPM capacity. It's easy to install and replaces traditional tank heaters seamlessly. Safety features like a forced exhaust fan and automatic gas shut-off ensure reliability. With a digital control panel and compatibility with various applications, it provides unmatched convenience. Its constant temperature system and low startup water pressure enhance usability. Features like flameout protection and fault code display prioritize safety and maintenance. The heater's intelligent design monitors components in real-time for added security. Plus, it comes with a limited 2-year warranty for peace of mind. Experience uninterrupted comfort and instantaneous gratification on your camping adventures with the Fogatti RV Tankless Water Heater.

Additional Instructions:

Instructions for a complete replacement:

1. Select your preferred door

Door is sold separately. You MUST purchase the water heater for a complete system! These
are sold as separate part numbers. Competing manufacturers assemblies
are not interchangeable. To ensure accuracy please text or call one of
our parts representatives. Please have your water heater model number

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