Dometic | CoolAir Truck Air Conditioner | RTX2000 | 12V

SKU: RTX2000 UPC: 7315091483476
Save $1,100.00 Ships $99 Freight
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The Dometic RTX2000 CoolAir is a highly efficient 12V rooftop air conditioner designed for panel vans, light trucks, and special vehicles. It offers powerful cooling, quiet operation, and four versatile operating modes, ensuring comfort and convenience on the road.

  • Innovative speed-controlled inverter compressor reduces energy consumption.
  • Provides up to 1700 W cooling power, ideal for high temperatures.
  • Quiet operation with low noise and vibration.
  • Easy installation with a universal kit.
  • Manual and remote fan speed control with five settings.
  • Energy-saving Eco mode and rapid cooling Boost mode available.
  • Ships with $99 Truck Freight, requires Dometic CoolAir RTX CCBL-12 and Dometic CoolAir RTX IK for new install

Product Overview

The Dometic RTX2000 CoolAir is a top-notch 12V rooftop air conditioner perfect for panel vans, light trucks, and special vehicles. It delivers an impressive 1700 W cooling power while maintaining quiet operation due to its innovative speed-controlled inverter compressor, which also ensures energy efficiency. This self-contained unit is simple to install using the universal installation kit and offers four operating modes: Auto, Eco, Boost, and Manual. The Eco mode extends runtime by reducing compressor speed, while the Boost mode provides rapid cooling. Users can easily adjust fan speed in five steps via manual controls or remote control. Designed for reliable performance even at temperatures up to 52°C, the RTX2000 is equipped with high-precision sensor technology to prevent battery discharge. Its compact dimensions and efficient design make it ideal for maintaining comfort without running the vehicle engine, thereby saving fuel and reducing environmental impact. The package includes a parking cooler, remote control, user manual, handling note, and safety instructions, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all your cooling needs.

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