Suburban | Direct Spark Ignition Gas/Electric Water Heater | SW10DE | 10 Gallon | 5243A | 5143A | 5143F

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The Suburban SW10DE Direct Spark Ignition Gas/Electric Water Heater is a 10 gallon water heater that is perfect for your RV. It features:

  • Direct spark ignition
  • 10 gallon capacity with gas/electric operation
  • The 1440-watt Incoloy electric element is specifically designed for compatibility with campground power.
  • Benefit from a high recovery rate of 12,000 BTU/hour.
  • The porcelain steel tank features foam insulation for enhanced efficiency.
  • Easy to install access door and frame, sold separately, for convenient accessibility.
  • All part numbers 5243A, 5143A, 5143F, and SW10DE correspond to the same water heater model

Product Overview

The Suburban SW10DE Gas Water Heater stands out for its reliability
and easy maintenance, featuring a high-recovery 12,000 BTU/hour model
with a porcelain steel tank, foam insulation, and a replaceable anode
rod to counter corrosive electrolysis. The one-piece, die-formed housing
not only provides protection for controls but also allows easy access,
seamlessly fitting into prior model cut-out openings on any RV side.
Installation of the access door and frame is straightforward.
Additionally, the SW10DE Model offers versatility by utilizing campground
or generator power through its 1440-watt Incoloy electric element,
providing a recovery rate of 6.1 gallons per hour. For a faster recovery
rate of 16.2 gallons per hour, users can simultaneously use both gas
and electric. The gas ignition switch, available separately, allows
convenient control from inside the RV. It's important to note that gas
appliances should be installed and serviced by a qualified technician.
The water heater tank undergoes pressure testing twice during
manufacturing to ensure its integrity, using a porcelain-lined steel
construction with an anode rod to absorb electrolytical action, similar
to home water heaters.

Model Name Breakdown

  • SW-Suburban Water Heater
  • 10- 10 Gallon
  • D- 12 Volt DC Direct Spark Ignition Gas Heating System
  • E- 120 Volt AC Heating Element

Additional Instructions:

Instructions for a complete replacement:

1. Select your preferred door

2. Select your preferred switch

Door, frame kit & indoor switch are sold separately. You MUST purchase both the water heater, door, and switch for a complete system! These are sold as separate part numbers. Competing manufacturers assemblies are not interchangeable. To ensure accuracy please text or call one of our parts representatives. Please have your water heater model number ready.

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