Dometic | RV Water Heater | WH-6GEA | 94002 | 6 Gallon | Gas and Electric

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Experience instant comfort on the road with the Dometic WH-6GEA 6-Gallon RV Water Heater. Boasting a powerful 10,000 BTU electronic ignition for rapid heating, this compact solution ensures hot water is readily available. Its lightweight aluminum tank, designed without an anode rod, guarantees low maintenance and corrosion resistance, making it the perfect choice for hassle-free travel.

  • Quick Heating: 10,000 BTU electronic ignition for fast hot water
  • Easy Installation: Flanges for simple mounting
  • Aesthetic Design: Improved performance with an attractive vent design
  • Compact Size: 6-gallon cut-out, physically smaller than the older generation Atwood water heater
  • Dual Heating Options: Electric heating element that provides additional input for versatile and energy-efficient water heating in your RV.
  • Note: Door is sold separately. You MUST purchase both the Water Heater and Door for a complete system!

Product Overview

Elevate your RV experience with the Dometic WH-6GEA 6-Gallon RV Water Heater, setting the standard for on-the-go comfort. Its robust 10,000 BTU electronic ignition burner system ensures swift water heating, allowing you to indulge in long, hot showers while on the road. The lightweight aluminum tank, crafted without the need for an anode rod, not only minimizes maintenance efforts but also extends the overall product life. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the strategically designed flanges that simplify the mounting process. The water heater's aesthetic appeal is not just skin deep; the attractive vent design enhances overall performance. An essential upgrade, this Dometic water heater is physically smaller than its Atwood predecessor. Kit 94016 (white door) or 94067(black door) is required so that the new Dometic water heater will cover the original rough opening hole, fitting seamlessly into your RV. For additional flexibility, the inclusion of an electric heating element provides supplementary input, catering to diverse heating preferences. Experience unparalleled convenience and reliability with the Dometic WH-6GEA, where every detail is designed to make your RV journey as comfortable as possible.

Additional Instructions:

Door is sold separately. You MUST purchase both the Water Heater and Door for a complete system! These are sold as separate part numbers. Competing manufacturers assemblies are not interchangeable. To ensure accuracy please text or call one of our parts representatives. Please have your water heater model number ready.

Door for Dometic Water Heater 6 Gallon

Dometic Water Heater Conversion Kits for Atwood Replacement (Only used when switching from an Atwood 6 Gallon to a Dometic 6 Gallon)

Dometic Water Heater Essentials

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